Late November, my marvellous husband took me on a 7 day Cruise, in the South Pacific Islands… one word… MAGIC!!  Was the best holiday EVER!  My darling Mother looked after our 3 kiddies, allowing us to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in true ‘adult’ style… no nagging for drinks and ice creams, sleep ins, late nights in the club… the list goes on!  Anyhoo, I needed something to scrap my happy snaps with, so I made CRUISE MAGIC!  Hope you like it!  I haven’t seen a “Cruise specific” kit before, so I hope it’s a little original?!!!  It’s on sale til 7 Jan – 50% OFF… JUST $1.75

goingdigi_cruisemagic_pf  goingdigi_cruisemagic_ppgoingdigi_cruisemagic_pa