Spotlight Designer – Free Kit!

Hi all! Well, it’s been an insanely busy month – and I’ve just come back from a 7 day cruise of the Pacific Islands! Woo Hoo! Had a fabulous time… and really struggling to get back to norm!

I’m the SPOTLIGHT DESIGNER for Daisies and Dimples for the month of December… which means you get a whole kit for free… the catch is, you need to visit the store daily to pick up the bits! Its called STERLING WINTER – a lovely subtle kit, with muted pinks, lavenders and grey with contrasting chocolate brown. I hope you like it and find it useful! Its weird putting “Snowy” kits out there, when it’s stinking hot here in Australia!! Here’s the preview: See Store for Details:


I’ve also just added SWEET GARDEN and rich red/black/white/orange/ice blue kit to store and a “Rubber Ducky” CU Set. You can grab them, and ANYTHING else in my store for the month of December – at 50% OFF! So if you’ve been eyeing off something special – grab it this month!!!



3 thoughts on “Spotlight Designer – Free Kit!

  1. Hi I really love the looks of your work, I own a small store and I am always looking for new designers. There is no set-up fee, no mandatory collaborative kits, the split is 75/25% with designer getting 75% of her sales. It’s a small group of really nice ladies.If you want to start selling here is a store to sell at. Or if you already sell at a store maybe you are looking for another store to sell at. The store is . If interested, contact Echo,

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  3. Sterling Winter is lovely, thanks for offering this. I’m in Illinois and we should have snow by now. However, it was almost 70 a couple of days ago and now it’s getting colder. We have up and down weather.

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