Who’s Got Your Bone?! New doggie theme kit

Seriously… where has June gone?!!!  I’m stunned to see that the date is the 18th already!!  Crazy!!

So it’s been a couple of weeks since you’ve seen anything new… and you want more, right?!!  First, I’ve got to spruke my new kit (coz that’s what people who are good at sellin’ stuff do?!)  JUST $1.75 (THATS 50% OFF) FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY!

Who’s Got Your Bone is a nice bright, friendly doggie kit!

Like it?  I’m really happy with it!  I made it with my little terrier (may he rest in peace) and my 12 month old kelpie in mind.  Both have/had great personalities, and have always brought a smile to my face (with the exception of when they pull the washing off the line, dig up my plants/lawn… you know, all typical naughty puppy stuff!)

And coz I feel real bad, about my shocking neglect of my blog… I’ve made a little add-on, that is yours for FREE!  Just 2 weeks, then it’ll be $1 in my store! xx  Hope you like it!

I’ve made a couple of layouts… coz my poochies are so gorgeous!

Beautiful boys!

Please visit CRAFT CRAVE and BUSY CREATIVE HANDS and 5STAR DIGISCRAPPING for loads more freebies

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