New Shapes and Pattern Set!

Hi All!  Just thought I’d quickly tell you – I’ve just put together a new set of Patterns!  One Photoshop PAT file – and you have a lifetime use of these simply but effective pattrerns!  Commercial and Personal Use is OK with this product – so go your hardest and whip up some awesome papers / overlays etc!

AND because my WHOLE STORE is 50% OFF for the month of December – you get this brand new product for only $2!!

Set features 12 individually unique patterns – all in grey scale for easy colouring etc.  Add shadows/styles etc to change the pattern each time you use it!  Change the scale of the pattern (small scale – get a busy tight pattern or large scale – get a funky bold pattern!).  I love designer tools, because you can do so much with them!

I’ve also put together a Jolly Retro Shapes Set – featuring five shapes taken from my kit – there’s Santa’s head, Santa (full figure), Reindeer, Gingerbread Man undecorated, and Gingerbread Man decorated.  As I said with the patterns, add your own styles / shadows / overlays / stroked /  patterns etc for a unique look!  Commercial and Personal Use OK.

What Do You Think?!! Tell me...

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