Get JOLLY this Christmas!

Hi all!! I’ve been thinking about this kit for a while, and have just finished it off this morning!

JOLLY RETRO is my idea of Christmas in the 60s! Now I have no idea what Christmas was like in the 60s as I wasn’t born yet!! So, I hope you find it a bit funky and “retro” as the young ones like to say!!! My Grandma says “jolly” in front of alot of things, like when she gets annoyed with something ie. that jolly tap keeps leaking!  So I wanted to use it in my title, coz not only is Santa jolly, but my Grandma makes me laugh!!

As always my new kits are 50% off for the first two weeks – so get ready for your Christmas scrapping now!! $1.75 – 2 weeks only!!

Oh! And I haven’t made them yet – but I have in my head, a brag album, that’ll be on sale in my store and coz I love you guys – I’m giving you some freebie gift tags… (also not made yet… just in my head!!) So keep an eye out… they’re coming soon!

What Do You Think?!! Tell me...

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