Nesting Friends – New Kit 50% OFF!

Hi ya!  I made this kit on the weekend – and LOVE IT – so thought I’d get it straight into my store and share it with you!  Nesting Friends is a bright pastel kit (is there such a thing as bright pastels?!!)  featuring 10 unique little Russian Nesting Dolls!  I did a bit of research on these little dolls- coz I just LOVE THEM!  My daughter has a set, and she loves them too!  (You can really feel the love here today, hey?!!)  So, I always called them Babushka Dolls – but their proper name is Matryoshka Dolls!  Meaning Little Maidens.  Cute hey?!

Anyway – here is my kit – hope you like it!  If you do, score it in the next two weeks, for just $1.75- thats 50% OFF!  I haven’t had a chance to make a freebie yet – but have a day off tomorrow – so am hoping to whip something up for you!

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