Short Circuit – Robot Kit

Hi all!  Hope those who celebrate Halloween had a great time!  (its not a tradition that has really caught on here, in Australia… which to be honest – I’m happy about – as if my kids need any more lollies / candy?!!! And have the be-jebies scared out of them… I’m sorry – I don’t really get it?!!!)

OK – onto the good stuff?!!!  I made this kit quite a while ago – its just taken a while to get it out!!  SHORT CIRCUIT is my newest kit – for those of you that are techno/robo mad?!!  I loved the movie Short Circuit when I was younger!!  Very cute!  That was back in the day of “Commodore 64” computers!!  SHORT CIRCUIT IS ON SALE TIL 14 NOVEMBER 2011 – 50% OFF – ONLY $1.75

Lots of circuit elements, sparks, splats, buttons, metal elements and of course three very different cute little robots, 11 Papers and 1 Alpha inc numbers

Whats for free? I hear you ask?!!  THE WHOLE KIT – THATS WHAT!  Go to my Store – login or register (if you haven’t been to Daisies and Dimples before) – put Short Circuit in your cart – and when you get to checkout – use the coupon code:


(case sensitive)

Coupon is Valid til 8 November 2011, so be quick!

9 thoughts on “Short Circuit – Robot Kit

  1. Thank you for the treat. I LOVE taking my son out trick or treating. I don’t like to be scared but most of the time the costumes aren’t scary. My son went as Iron Man and he doesn’t really get candy that much. In fact we only did two blocks worth of houses as I felt that was more then enough candy for him. I think Daddy will end up with a far amount of it though.

  2. Thank you very much.
    I don’t agree with trick a treating as to me it’s sending your children out begging.
    They don’y know everyone they go to so is it really safe – unless you go with them which a lot of parents don’t want to.
    It is yet another American holiday which is being forced on us – I am not American as you might have guessed – proud to be British.

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