Teen Freebie Kit!

OK! I’ve taken Carole’s suggestion, and have made my version of a early teen kit, less grungy, no pink or blue and I’ve tried to make it unisex too! SO… I hope it works, and is something you think is suitable for any early teen!

I called the kit TEN 2 FIFTEEN… coz thats kinda the age I was aiming for! I have a 10 year old son, and 14 year old daughter, so I asked both of them their opinions and whether the elements I’ve made would suit them!! I’m sorry its pretty heavy on the “music theme” coz both my kids are right into music!! I’m pretty happy with how it came out – hope you are too!!!  Kit features: ipod, headphones, game console, surfboard, guitar, clock, arrow, telephone, music notes, paint splats, lipstick, handbag, neutral leaves, flowers, ribbons and string – so hopefully there’s something for everyone!!  Oh! I didn’t make an alpha, coz I thought you can journal or use any font in your collection!

Password: highschool

I played around a made this layout:

Come back next week for the Elements!

Please visit CRAFT CRAVE and BUSY CREATIVE HANDS and 5STAR DIGISCRAPPING for loads more freebies!

6 thoughts on “Teen Freebie Kit!

  1. Thank you very much. Love the colours. The elements look great – look forward to receiving them next week. Thanks again.

  2. love the colors in this kit..am lQQking forward to the rest of the kit…thanks so much for sharing..and is there anyway ti get part 3 for Live Life….some how I missed it…I lQQked for it in the store so I could purchase it..but could not find it…anyway to get part 3?

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