Next free kit?

I’m going to put it out there, for YOU to decide on the theme / colours pretty much any suggestions, for my next free kit!

What do you want?!!

(see the 2 posts below for cluster frame freebies!)

5 thoughts on “Next free kit?

  1. I always find it hard to find kits for young teenagers.
    They don’t all like grungy and some kits are to babyish others to grown up.
    As for colour – anything exept pink and blue.

  2. Oh there you are!!! Welcome to your new home. I can’t think of a request at this time but I will make a note next time I can’t seem to find the thing I’m looking for. Thanks for all your had work and generosity!!! It is very much appreciated…..


  3. I like bright bold colours – how about the primary colours red, yellow and blue? Thanks for all your artistic efforts


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