Hi All!!! I’d like to welcome you to my new pad! After a beautiful friendship with blog.ger for 6 years, we’ve sadly had to part ways, because I was feeling the friendship was a bit one sided. I kept giving, but blog.ger kept taking!! Today, in utter frustration, due to not being able to publish, not being able to hyperlink, and having had issues with uploading and moving pictures on my blog for ages… I walked out.

And walked into the arms of WordPress. Now…I know I’m on the rebound and all; I’m hoping that WordPress will as easy, as I am… coz I’m not the most techno savvy person in the World! Once I’ve spent “alone” time with my new blog, I’ll post my latest freebie!!

Please save this address to your favourites and / or bookmark – and PLEASE come back!!! Tell you friends to visit too!!! I love lots of visitors… makes the time I spend making freebies, much more worthwhile!!!

What Do You Think?!! Tell me...

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